Hello Friends!
While I was in Iceland I had the possibility to see Icelands main city- Reykjavik. It was the last day of our trip and we were super excited to see a city in Iceland since we spend the rest of our time in nature. Actually the time was too short to see everything of Reykjavik. I just want to share with you some pictures we took there and want to show you my favorite places. Reykjavik must see places


Reykjavik church Reykjavik church Reykjavik church

Exploring the streets

I personally really love to explore places beside common attractions you can find in every travel guide book. So we just spend some time walking down streets I didn’t know and not knowing where to go next.
Nearly in every street you can find some beautiful buildings and really cool shops.

Reykjavik must see placesReykjavik must see placesReykjavik must see places

Best cake in town: Stofan Cafe

National Museum of Iceland

If you want to find out more about the story of Iceland’s past, from the medieval days of Viking settlements to current contemporary culture you need to visit the national museum! We spend there about 3 hours.


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